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When hair becomes damaged and lack-lustre by over colour processing or heat styling it demands professional attention. To maintain healthy and energized hair we recommend our clients use in-salon hair treatments.






Olaplex is taking the world of hair by storm making the unimaginable possible, completely transforming the world of colour, pushing boundaries and strengthening your hair from the inside out. Upgrade your appointment and add Olaplex.

The experts in smoothing and repair treatments will leave your hair soft, sleek beautiful hair. 
The protein treatment in KeraStraight, which lasts up to 4 months, is designed to combat frizzy damaged unruly hair giving you perfect hair all day everyday.  Available for all hair types.

Transform broken, brittle strands into pillars of strength while protecting hair from future damage. This liquid formula of isolated proteins is virtually identical to the keratin found in human hair.
A single ampoule rebuilds fragile locks, helps prevent colour fade and improves shine.

Revive dry, frizzy hair with a rich,
concentrated blend of amino acids, vegetable proteins and nourishing oils.
A single shot works on three levels to instantly nourish and soften parched strands, as well as improve hair manageability.
The cream formula penetrates the hair to hydrate, bind and seal every cuticle for a long-lasting silky-smooth feel.

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